Nehaj Fortress


The Nehaj Fortress, which dominates the town under Velebit, was built in the 16th century and served as a defense against foreign invaders such as the Turks and the Venetians. In the fortress there is a museum collection of objects of the Senj Uskoks, the Port Authority of Senj and the permanent exhibition of Senj called the Church through the history and coat of arms of the town of Senj and nobles. On the first floor were rooms for officers and the commander of the fort. On the second floor was located a cannon battalion of 11 heavy cannons, and today renowned cultural and musical events, scientific gatherings and other cultural events are held here. The top of the fortress serves as a lookout. From there, vigilant guards observed the approaches to Senj from land and sea, and received smoke and light signals from their associates from the island and the coast. From the top of the fortress there is a beautiful view of the Croatian coast and the islands of Rab, Goli, Prvich, Cres, Krk, the mountains of Gorski kotar, and Uchka and Velebit. On the ground floor there is a restaurant.

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Nehajski put 3, 53270, Senj


(7 reviews)
very good!!!
This fortress is located on a hill so the view was captivating. Trekking to the top was good. The historical collection I was able to see in this place from weapons, costumes and household items was fascinating.
We attended the annual festival at the fortress with my family and loved the experience. The view from the top is wonderful and the enough playing ground for the kids.
The best fortress that was used during times of attack. Enormous stones were used to built the fortress. it was such a magical structure to view
The location offers a unique architecture that is a sample of both rennaissance and middle age. I really enjoyed the tour with my sister around this location.
The walls were beautiful and well structured. the interior and exterior design executed in a fantastic manner i will be back for more
The museum was an interesting place to learn the history of the Croatian. We also bought some food from the restaurants in the fortress
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