Griffon Bird Protection Center


Center for the Protection of Birds of Prey "Griffon" - research and educational center for the protection of birds of prey on Crnica (5 km south of St. George, 14 km south of Senj), managed by the non-profit organization "Griffon" which deals with nature protection primarily protection a bird of prey. In addition to the permanent exhibitions at the Center, you can also visit part of the rehabilitation of birds of prey that have been injured and are recovering until they are released into the wild. You can come to the center with children who will be delighted to see the vultures up close, and also here you can "adopt" a griffon vulture, which means you can give it a name, get a certificate, take pictures with your soup and participate in its development every time you visit the center .

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Obala dr. Franje Tuđmana 2, 53270, Senj


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