Crnikovica Beach


The charming town of Volosko is known for Opatija most popular beach - Chrnikovica. One part of Chrnikovica is gravel, and on the other side there is a concrete part with an entrance to the sea with a sandy bottom.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Obala Frana Supila, 51410, Opatija


(4 reviews)
When the sun rises, the view at the beach becomes magnificent. My friends and I couldn't resist taking pictures for our Instagram stories. If you love swimming then you should definitely visit Chrnikovica beach.
Chrnikovica beach was quite a view. The gravel to walk towards the sandy bottom was well made and the fact there weren't a lot of people on the day I visited was a bonus for me.The beach is beautiful and serene.
I actually I have not found a place that matches the beauty in this beach. the level of cleanliness is just amazing. My husband loved this place. we spent the night just counting the stars and bounding. Camping at this beach is literally on another level. If you like love camping then make this your next destination.
very good!!!
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