Church of St. Sebastian


Church of St. Sebastian is located on a small square, along the street that from St. Catherine leads to the parish church of St. Mohora and Fortunata. It was built in 1559 by Ivan Jedrejčić from Lindac, as evidenced by a bilingual and bilingual (Latin and Glagolitic) inscription built into the facade. The inscription is partially damaged, ie worn out by the ropes used to move the bells. Inside, a small wooden altar is visible, with a baroque altar painting, behind which a wall painting can be seen on which part of the depiction of St. Paul. The muscular upper arm, the shape of the drapery clinging to the body and the characteristic colorism reveal the moves of master Dominic. Right next to the church, until about fifty years ago, there was a town loggia from the 17th century, with three arcades, which was demolished due to dilapidation, and only the paving remains, which clearly shows its position. For centuries, Lindar judges and prefects met there and made decisions publicly.

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