Beach Firule


This charming beach is situated in a mini cove not far from the center of Split and convenient to reach on foot.

The shallow sea and the fine gravel shore make this beach attractive for families with small children as well as non-swimmers.

While a lovely line of trees surrounds the cove there isn’t a lot of natural shade available here. There are no rental services here at the moment, but there is a shower and a beach bar.

Being somewhat secluded due to its geography, this beach makes a lovely choice for families and anyone looking for a quiet and calm beach within an arm’s length of the city and all of its amenities.

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public beach



Place Location

Firule, Split


(5 reviews)
The not so busy beach attracts families mostly because of the presence of fine gravel and shallow sea.There is not enough natural shade but the trees surrounding the area make for a perfect sight. There Is a shower and a beach bar. It is perfect for when you want some peace and quiet.
I was going through alot and my friends decided to bring me out to the beach. I did not want a noisy place and the beach was just what i needed. My friends later on in the evening enjoyed some drinks at the beach bar as i took a walk on the beach.
My kids loved walking barefoot on the fine gravel of the shore as they felt the warmth of the gravels. They even collected some gravels play with when they go back home. The water was shallow allowing them to enjoy a warm swim bath in the water
The lovely line of trees in the beach allow the sun rays to penetrate through them creating wonderful images that are worth taking pictures . I was looking for a calm and quiet beach to spend with my family and this was the place to be. It was an oasis of peace and tranquility.
My family choose the place as destination for the summer and it was the best thing to happen to us. The trees offered a great shade and the gravel beach was awesome for my stay at the beach. There was a shower and the beach bar offered a great deal to meals and it was spectacular.
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