"Let's go to Bacvice'', the anthem is known to the Split beach officially opened in 1919. Bacvice is a natural phenomenon, a sandy beach in the heart of the city, right next to the city port, which can accommodate over ten thousand bathers. Many famous football players started, where Split rugby was born, where picigin is regularly played today, both in summer and winter.

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I was delighted to play Picigin with the locals who were friendly to us. Among other adrenaline sport activities I involved myself in included rugby and football. Will definitely come back.
The beach is located at the heart of the city. It offers spectacular views of the city which glows brightly during the night. Best chilling spot for couples.
A natural phenomenon sandy beach perfect only for walks but also if you want you can swim. Tried playing the picigin game with some guys on the beach and was quite interesting. I hear it is where many famous footballers started and where Split rugby was born.
It was phenomenal visiting the sandy beach and we enjoyed swimming at the sea. The beach was crowded and we enjoyed playing and engaging in activities with the other people at the beach.
the beach is sandy and is located in the middle of a city. It is usually full of people because it is spacious. It has various amenities and a natural shad because of the dense trees surrounding the area.
very good!!!
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