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Nesting in the safe space between three of Barbariga’s forts - Benedetto, Caulzzi and Forno - this wild beach is as natural as they come. Most of the terrain is pebbled and comfortable for walking and sunbathing, extending onto the seabed where it mixes with larger rocks.

You’ll find interesting kinds of rock formations along the beach, many of them serving as natural plateaus for sunbathing and sitting. The sea comes in shallow here, and while you might need water shoes to walk in it, it is great for swimming and snorkeling, especially since the water is comfortably warm in this area.

There’s more than enough natural shade at the back of the beach, which is quite convenient if you’re coming by car since you’ll be able to park as close to the beach as possible. Lots of people choose to cycle to this beach as there’s a number of cycling trails in the area. A visit to one of the nearby forts will make for a nice walk, too.

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The beach is pebbled and i loved sunbathing on my tour during the summer to the beach. Had a walk along the beach and enjoyed the views around and the warm temperatures that were amusing.
It was relaxing to swim in the warm water of this sea. My friends and I had fun snorkelling through the shallow sea waters as we admired the beauty of this beach. While at the beach, we strolled to the nearby fort which was used as defense against attacks in the past
The pebbled terrain enabled us to rest and even sunbathe at the natural plateaus of the beach.We were fascinated by the different forms of rock formations at the sea. We took photos of some of them to create memories of our visit.
We amused ourselves for a good bike ride to the beach then later on took a walk to one of the nearby forts. The beach has interesting kinds of rock formation along the beach and many of them serve as natural plateaus for sunbathing and sitting.
The interesting kinds of rock formations make this place an amazing vacation destination for petrologists and geologists. There's natural shade on this beach and the breeze is calming. The seashore is pebbled but there's a bit of rocks as you continue into the sea bed. You can take a swim in the cool blue waters
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