Pomena is a small village, as well as a port located at the western end of the island of Mljet, about 2 km away from the village of Govedjari. The village has just over 50 permanent residents.They live in agriculture, fishing and tourist trade. It was originally founded by the Govedjari people, as it was their nearest sheltered bay and access to the sea. They came to the bay mainly for fish. However, since the growth of tourist trade in the area and the construction of the Pomena Hotel, it has become a more tourist-oriented place.

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Located on the Island of Mljet, this village is so small. It is a known fishing village. I enjoyed fishing in its waters. The view of this town from the sea is so splendid. The streets of this town were als beautiful to walk in
This village is the epitome of beauty. I enjoyed fishing in its waters. There are amazing accomodation facilities in this village. The restaurants here serve amazing fish delicacies. The buildings in this village were so unique.
I loved fishing that's why I chose to come to this place. It was great to see the fishermen catch tonnes of fish from this bay. I was invited to participate in a fish eating festival where all types of fish dishes were prepared traditionally. The event was great.
This place had an access to the sea and the beach. I went boating to the sea from this beach and loved the experience. The vast waters ahead we're scary but beautiful. We could see the underwater creatures clearly. I enjoyed this trip.
The pomena hotel in this location is a great accommodation. I particularly loved that it had a direct and open view of the beautiful waters. Also, the customer service is fantastic, the staff was cordial and very professional. I will visit again soon.
I toured the villages in this location and interacted with the friendly locals. I loved experiencing their traditional delicacies, especially fish varieties prepared in this location. It was a great experience and will visit again soon.
The village residents are kind warm hearted that they offered us accommodation, they prepared us some fish that we had fished from the bay. The village is well developed from the tourist trade and the its among the most clean places we've been to. We had a great time.