Big Lake and Little Lake


Big Lake and Little Lake are two natural salt lakes that are part of the Mljet National Park. The lakes are interconnected by a narrow canal. You can go around them in a small boat, walking through the surrounding forests bordering the lakes or swimming. the monastery, which leaves visitors breathless.

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My kids really loved the trip to the big lake and little lake. They enjoyed playing in the quaint surroundings and chasing the gorgeous butterflies found here. They fell in love with nature at this destination. I recommend this place for families with little kids.
My friends fell in love with these lakes. We particularly loved the hiking experience in the surrounding forests. The fresh air and sweet scents were just phenomenal. It's a nice place to visit.
I rented a bike and went cycling around the lakes. The views were out of this world. I delighted in sitting on its lovely wooden benches and admiring the breathtaking sunset. I shall definitely bring my friends to experience this spectacular place.
I always love visiting the big lake and little lake. Taking long walks along the lakes enjoying the superb views of the surrounding lush park is always breathtaking. It's a very magical place.
The big lake and little lake are just heavenly. The pristine waters are so clear that you can see all sorts of fish, fireworms, crabs, and other beautiful creatures. It was an amazing experience and I recommend it to all.
The two lakes' edges are perfect to take walks. I really loved walking around them taking pictures of the beautiful rocks and magical views. I really had a wonderful time.
The fun we had in this place is just memorable. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves at the magical beaches that had very clean waters and the sand here felt so soft to our feet. We look forward to coming back.