Monterol is a village in the Republic of Croatia, part of the city of Umag, Istria County.Monterol is a famous tourist resort for those who want to spend their vacation in peace and quiet, enjoying the sea and Istrian beauties. Monterol is known for its beautiful beaches, and the proximity of Umag allows you everything you need for a perfect summer vacation - from sightseeing, vacation, restaurants, cafes, all the way to swimming and active vacation.

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While at the restaurant, we enjoyed the beautiful view of the sea especially during the evening when the sunset rays dazzled on the waters. The beautiful beaches around allowed us to have a good time swimming in the uncrowded waters pus clean cool waters. I had an active vacation which included recreational activities and even admiring the Istrian beauties.
I loved sporting activities. This place was the best for the kind of vacation that I wanted. I played tennis, went swimming and surfing. I later rented a bike and cycled around town. I felt refreshed and happy at the end of the vacation.
Best place to visit especially during the summer season, I enjoyed the beautiful sites located in the place. I found the atmosphere in the region very calming and peaceful that encourages one to relax. The Istrian beauties and sea around the place makes it even more beautiful and wonderful to visit. I especially enjoyed the locally served delicacies in the restaurants found here.
very good!!!