Cape Sipar


Sipar is a hamlet with several houses on the peninsula of the same name, 4 km north of Umag, and a prominent cape where the remains are early Middle Ages. castle.It is mentioned in various versions in early medieval geographical sources.During high tide, part of the mainland becomes an islet. Archeol. the finds testify to the civil significance of the late antique settlement in the turbulent times between antiquity and the Middle Ages. The youngest find is a round bronze fibula decorated with enamel and a depiction of a panther.

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The houses in this peninsula are well equipped. Their design and architectural design was quite unique. I loved the ambience of this Cape. It was so calm. This cape was so rich in history.
The cape showcased some of the fantastic sites that are present at the place. We visited some of the archeological site and enjoyed the view of the ruins as we had some pictures taken on our period at the place. Remarkable place that i would love to visit again.
The castle was the first place that we had a tour at when we visited the cape. Amazing tour guide through the castle as we got to learn the history of the place and the amazing architectural structure that the place holds.
very good!!!