The village of Katoro is located near the Istrian town of Umag, and nearby is the famous apartment complex Sol Polynesia, with many tourist facilities. Near the beach, there are two attractive swimming pools and a wide grassy area where you can play football or badminton. There is also a restaurant and bar with an excellent barbecue. The beach is partly paved and partly rocky. In some places, you can find the shade of large pine trees. A children’s playground and tennis courts can be found. It is an ideal choice for families with children.

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All my friends are football fanatics and we had the chance of playing football with a provision of a fielsa at the place where we visited. We enjoyed a small five aside with some of the natives at the beach and it was the best games we played. We won't the game and interacted more with new people and friends. unforgettable moments with friends that i cherish.
My kids loved staying at the grassy area where they played badminton. My husband and i stayed at the restaurant that had an excellent barbecue. Ideal choice for families with kids.
My children and i wanted a weekend getaway so bad and this was our destination of choice. We had a wonderful time playing football on the grassy areas and when our tummies complained, we had a mouthwatering barbecue at the nearest restaurant.
We toured the place with my friends and it was totally worth the wait. We loved the beautiful rocky beaches and the dazzling views of the sea and the landscape. We had a lot of activities to dod and also as lover of football we had the opportunity to play at the playground with some other amazing natives.
This place is ideal for family getaways. It has children's playground and tennis court. There are plenty of activities one could take part in while visiting this place. I enjoyed swimming in the swimming pools. The pine trees also provided a wonderful shade for people to relax under them.
I loved the bar which had succulent barbecues and excellent wines. We enjoyed playing ball games like football and tennis. My children had a chance to swim in the baby pool.
I loved the mountain views at this place. The grassy slopes a dotted with wide trees were such a beauty to behold. I loved watching the sun set behind the mountains. It was a good place to be.