Lake Dragon's Eye


Dragon eye lake is a unique geohydromorphological phenomenon on the eastern Adriatic coast that has developed recognizable flora and fauna due to its special physical and chemical properties. It is located on the Gradina peninsula, a narrow part of the country that divides the bays of Soline and Koprishche. average height between four and twenty-four meters.Its area is approximately 10,000 square meters and the maximum measured depth is fifteen meters.The lake has no visible surface connection with the surrounding sea, but the lake and seawater penetrate through cracks and channels in porous limestone. of the unique environment Dragon Lake, with its thick lower layer of hydrogen sulfide, has been studied by many domestic and foreign scientists in recent years, often comparing the lake to the Black Sea, Framvaren Fjord in Norway or Pavin Crater Lake in France. Over the centuries, it has happened that the lake "boils" or, as scientists say, the water column overturns. This unusual natural phenomenon inspired the locals to invent various legends. One popular legend tells of a dragon that lived in a lake. He was ruthless - every year he charged a bloody fee to the most beautiful girl and the fattest sheep. Another story is about the dragon Murin, the illegitimate son of Hera and Poseidon, which you can find out when you go to visit the lake. According to this legend of the dragon Murin, if two lovers bathe in the Dragon's Eye, they will be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives, and their marriage will be blessed with eternal love and healthy children.

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very good!!!
After learning about the legend of Dragon Murin, my fiance and i bathed at the Dragon face so that our relationship would last. The flora and fauna at the lake are incredibly beautiful. It was nice visiting this place.
As a lover of geographical features, i was delighted to visit the lake and witness it producing hot boiling water. The surrounding of the lake is very green which makes it stunning. The trip was adventurous.
During the summer holidays I wanted to have a taste and experience of the cool waters and this place was the answer. My friends and i went for jet skiing and also boating after we had acquired our boating license from the local authority. We had fantastic moments
My fiancee brought me here because of the myth about lovers who swam in this lake will never have a broken marriage. We swam here to cement our love and hoped that it was all true. It was an amazing experience.
Unique nature that the lake has with special flora and fauna that are present. The lake has an amazing history that is interesting and the tour around showed us some of the phenomenon that occur at the place. We were amazed by our trip at the lake and would love to visit again.
The lake is sorrounded by hills that make it have a good view. It's an a nice place to visit.