Arkandjel Island


The island of Arkandjel is very small and uninhabited, it is located near the mainland and Trogir. Next to it there are several smaller islands. It was first mentioned in the VII century. In ancient times it defended the entrance to the port of Old Trogir, or. Roman settlement Praetorium Caesaris, named after the early medieval church of St. Michael the Archangel. The island can even be reached by pedal boat, which you can rent on one of the beaches in Trogir or take a jet ski.

№466 in Islands of Croatia

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We rented a boat and sailed through to this place as we explored the beauties of the Island and the mainland. The island have beautiful beaches that are superb for swimming and even family vacays. The medieval church of St Michael interior designs were appealing, i good help but stare at their uniqueness.
This place had a wonderful beach clean pebbled beach. I enjoyed a lazy vacation swimming and sunbathing at the beach. I ate delicious food at the clean restaurant and enjoyed sweet homemade wine. I felt rested at the end of the vacation
The surrounding sea and small islands make the sight beautiful when visiting the Island. Despite it being uninhabited it still has some small bit of historical connections that would make it an enjoyable place to visit. The jet ski ride to the island, the feel of the water and the clear wonderful weather made it a nice experience.
very good!!!