Newlyweds Park


The Newlyweds Park is located near the Temple of Augustus in Pula. It was created in the middle of the 20th century. The hidden lighting at the base of the trees gives it a special charm when it gets dark. Until the Second World War, there used to be a municipal building here but was destroyed in the bombing.

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very good!!!
The structures at this place are ample to cater for very big weddings. Beautiful spaces with colorful buildings.
I went jogging at the park and the place is clean with well kept lawn and trees. It was refreshing and the trees looked amazing with also monumets. Magical moments.
My wife and i stopped here during our trip to Zagreb. The beautiful well cut lawns, and trees providing the shades in the park make it a nice chilling spot. Suitable for couples and young families
It was a good time I experienced to just lie down and enjoy the serenity of the calm, clean breeze and birds chirping.
The newly wed park in Croatia is a gorgeous place with many fruitful events taking place. My wife loved the best decorations with amazing services provided. Oustanding place for couples.
Best place for newlyweds to visit if you are trying to make your time special. I visited the park with my partner and we had a good time together.
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