Top 10 Places to Visit on the Island of Krk


The island of Krk is the largest Croatian island. With its accessible position, it is also the first and closest island for all visitors coming from the continental part of Croatia and beyond.

In the eighties of the last century, the island of Krk was greatly improved by the addition of the strategic Krk Bridge - which today symbolizes it. The Bridge is about a kilometer long, and thus Krk began to develop its rich tourist offer.

This beautiful island full of tradition and heritage offers a variety of attractions and experiences, whether you love culture, nature, or total rest and tranquility.

On the island of Krk, be sure to visit:

1. City Walls - The city of Krk is in its entirety surrounded by walls whose various layers of time and history have been preserved to this day. The walls around the city were built and rebuilt from the time of the Illyrians until the fall of Venice.

2. Frankopan Castle - Frankopan Castle is one of the greatest historical testimonies older than 900 years of the town of Krk. It was built by the Frankopan noble family to defend against attacks, and it was also used for liturgical celebrations.

3. Krk Glagolitic Square - This is the highest point of the historic city center of Krk and the confluence of two large longitudinal streets, Karda and Gaul. This city hill has always been a cult place populated by sacred buildings. That is why this northern hill of the city is sometimes figuratively called the "Little Vatican".

4. Krk Olive Groves - In the area of ​​olive groves from Krk to Punat there are a number of beautiful hiking and biking trails that will allow you to get to know the most beautiful Krk olive groves and enjoy your active vacation!

5. Kosljun - Kosljun is a small island located in the bay Puntarska draga. It is best known for its Franciscan monastery. In addition to the monastery on the island are a museum, two churches and three chapels. If you are a lover of history, culture and natural beauty, be sure to visit this green island where you will be able to enjoy peaceful walks, meditation and exploration.

6. Church of St. Lucy - Church of St. Lucy in Baska is the site of the Baska tablet - an old Croatian document in which the Croatian name was first written in the Croatian language, in the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet.

7. Glagolitic Trail- The path of stone sculptures of Glagolitic letters in Baska starts at the Treskavac pass and leads you all the way to the Old Waterfront in the port of Baska. Every lover of history and culture must visit it!

8. Moon Trail - The Moon Trail in Baska is 3 km long, and the real surprise will come at the end of the ascent when entering a completely new world and environment that is truly similar to the one on the Moon.

9. Vela Plaza Beach - Baska Vela plaza is certainly one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Croatia with a very clean sea. The beach is completely natural, the sea is turquoise blue, and big waves are fortunately for sailors and surfers very common. Beginners can rent equipment or can enjoy the view from a nearby cafe.

10. Rova Beach - Rova Beach is known for its crystal clear sea and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Malinska. This beautiful pebble beach is located in the bay of the same name Rova.


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The beach was the only place i was eager to go to and it didn't disappoint me at all. The atmosphere at the beach was 'out of this world' and i enjoyed surfing at the sea on the windy days. Could not stop thinking of my time at the beach when we left and would love to return.
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