Guide for a Three-Day Trip to Continental Croatia - Podravina and Slavonia


Everyone's first association with Croatia is its beautiful coast, but the continental part also offers plenty of interesting tourist attractions and beautiful nature.

Podravina is a region in the northeast of Croatia, while Slavonia stretches in the east. Both regions are characterized by rich historical and cultural heritage, interesting gastronomy, and various natural attractions.

Read on to read what you should definitely visit on your trip to these regions.

Day 1 - Podravina

1. The Old Town of Durdevac - The Old Town Fortress is a unique medieval fortress and as such is the most important part of the cultural heritage of Durdevac. It used to be surrounded by a swamp, which was also its natural form of protection and belongs to the wasserburg-type fortress. Construction began in the 14th century and was later upgraded over the centuries as needed.

2. Drava Sands - Drava Sands is an intriguing sandy area that offers a unique opportunity to get to know the real Croatian desert, which is recognized as a very attractive place, and many films have been made here.

3. Halas Carda - Halas Carda is the confluence of the Mura River and the Drava, and is known as the most beautiful part of the Drava in Croatia. This natural attraction is adorned with untouched nature and the diversity of flora and fauna.

Day 2 - Slavonia

4. Kopacki rit Nature Park - Kopacki Rit is a nature park in eastern Croatia in the municipalities of Bilje and Knezevi Vinogradi. It includes many backwaters and ponds along the Danube. It is one of the most important, largest, and most attractive preserved untouched wetlands in Europe.

5. Brod Fortress - Built on the banks of the Sava River by the Austrian Habsburgs between 1715 and 1780, the Slavonski Brod Fortress was an important strategic center that controlled the main retreating trade routes to Turkey and the Ottoman Empire.

6. Medieval fortress Ilok - Imagine a massive, high and long fortress, princely and royal castle, high bell tower, church and monastery with tower, rare Islamic buildings turbe and hammam, lush parks, deep buried old wine cellars, belvedere with unforgettable a view of the wide Danube and the Backa plain - you can really see and experience all this in the medieval core of Ilok, on a small hill surrounded by the Danube and vineyards.

Day 3 - Slavonia

7. Dakovo Cathedral - Dakovo Cathedral was built in the 19th century, in the neo-Romanesque style. The magnificent building with its two towers rises high above the small houses of Sakovo. The main initiator of the construction was the famous bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, a great patron of art and science in Croatia. This is how the best artists of the time worked at the cathedral, and their works can still be seen when visiting the church.

8. State Stud Farm Dakovo - Stud Farm in Dakovo was founded in 1506, which makes it one of the oldest stud farms in Europe. Lipizzaner horses began to be bred in the early 19th century. Through numerous performances around the world, Dakovo Lipizzaners have spread and continue to spread the word about Dakovo and the Dakovo region.

9. Sopot Archaeological Park is connected to the center of Vinkovci by a 3-kilometer-long hiking and biking trail. Here you can see the reconstruction of six houses that were built in this area during the Neolithic, and were reconstructed on the basis of found objects. They belonged to the Sopot culture.

10. Ethnological Center of Baranja Heritage - Visit the Ethnological Center of Baranja Heritage, a place where you will discover valuable ethnological treasures, relax in the landscaped outdoor pavilion, and learn interesting historical events of this mystical area.


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I got to appreciate the great works of best artists in Croatia through their work depicted on the Dakovo Cathedral.We also visited the Halas Carda in Drava and enjoyed the unique nature of the confluence. We also had a chance to visit most of the places on the guide.
The hiking tip from the guide helped me in packing my hiking gears. We hiked at the Sopot Archaeological Park where we had a view of the great six houses that belonged to the Sopot culture. It was a wonderful experience touring this place.
very good!!!
Adventurous place that we managed to secure a trip to the drava sands. The place is famous for many filmmakers and its attractive unique looks entices many people to visit. Picturesque place that we enjoyed our visit to.
Walking on the warm sandy areas of Drava Sands brought a sense of calmness to me and knowledge of the Croatian desert.I got a chance to witness the shooting a film or on the beautiful sandy beaches. I also visited other places that were provided in the guide and it was amazing.
Drava Sands and Halas Carda we're among the locations we found in the guide. We loved walking on the sand and enjoying the view of the town from the rooftop. This place is amazing.Much appreciation to the accurate guide.
I enjoyed learning about the medieval fortress present in the Old Town of Djurdjevac as described in the guide. It was built in the 14th century and was naturally surrounded by a swamp which was its protection mechanism during the invasion of the ottoman empire.