Plaža Milna


Selo i uvala Milna udaljeni su 4 km istočno od grada Hvara. Postoje 2 šljunčane plaže i pitoreskna borova šuma s drvećem agave i vinogradima. Uz uvalu se nalaze još dvije uvale također s borovom šumom - "Malo Borce" i "Veliko Borce". Milna je jedno od najstarijih izletničkih mjesta grada Hvara, osnovano od početka turizma u Hvaru. Opuštenost ruralne prirode potvrđuje stara vila iz 17. stoljeća koju je sagradila stara plemićka hvarska obitelj Ivanid.
U Milni postoji nekoliko restorana. Organiziran je prijevoz brodovima iz luke Hvar, a moguće je doći automobilom ili pješice.

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public beach


Otok Hvar

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21450, Hvar


(18 reviews)
The beach is easily accessible and the sharpness of entering the water is quite normal. We enjoyed swimming and also took part in snorkeling, sup-surfing and sea kayaking. The beach has tiny several bays coastline with crystal turquoise water and light fine pebble.
Exciting visit to the pebble beach that we enjoyed our vacation. Picturesque beach with amazing views and the trees offer the best shadow and the weather was amazing when we toured the place. Restaurants at the place were awesome with great services and delicious unique meals that i loved.
Being a fan of excursions, I loved Veliko Milce which was recommended by a friend who had visited the beach before. Also, the beautiful pine forest was quite the site! Transportation was not a problem because we used a boat which had been organized by the tour guide. Hoping I get to travel back and enjoy the views and sunlight.
It was an exquisite experience to go for a boat cruise with my friends in this beach. The scenic beauty of the beach was breathtaking. I loved how clean the beach was.
we arrived with our personal car together with my family. We toured the vineyard where we had the privilege to taste a variety of wines. A walk along the picturesque dense forest was therapeutic. We enjoyed gasps of fresh air from the serene environment of this beach.
My family and I really enjoyed having a picnic by the beach. The view was spectacular. I really enjoyed kite surfing as my kids played by the beach.
very good!!!
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