Franjevački samostan i crkva sv. Marije od Milosti


Crkva sv. Marije sagrađena je u 15. st. kao jednobrodna gotička građevina, na mjestu starije kapelice sv. Križa. Svojim jednostavnim, čvrstim, pomalo ogoljenim kamenim izgledom vraća posjetioce u prošlost i oduzima dah. U sklopu samostana se nalazi biblioteka i muzejska zbirka umjetnina koja ostavlja bez daha.

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The building for the monastery is beautiful and eye catchy. It caught my eyes attention on reaching at the place even before i entered inside. The design is wonderful with some marvelous features that distinguishes it.
I loved the location of this simple gothic church. It is near the sea. After going through its library and museum, I was able to take a boat ride and it was a therapeutic moment.
very good!!!
We visited this monastery and the museum inside and were very impressed. We happened to go on a day when they had a guide who explained everything and pointed things out. The church itself is magnificent, as are all of the ornate altars and objects. What was also great was that it felt like this place is still very much used as a monastery and not just a tourist destination.​
The Monastery also has a museum for art collection the we visited as we toured the place. We enjoyed the sight of the different artworks and the amazing pieces that have a great history. Would recommend a visit to the marvel place.
The library and artefact collction present in the monastery enabled me to understand the culture of the people who inhabited the location. I also loved the gothic style of the building construction.
This gothic church was built in the 15th century. It is a simple church. I was able to visit its museum and library and learn about its history. Ii was such a divine moment.
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