Plaža Pokonji dol


Pokonji dol definitivno predstavlja hrvatsku obalnu ljepotu. Mjesto je raj na zemlji, ali puni doživljaj pruža restoran mediteranske kuhinje Pokonji dol nedaleko od plaže. Hrana je uistinu izuzetna , a pogled s terase ostavlja bez daha.
Ako zaboravite ponijeti vlastiti suncobran, možete za određeni iznos unajmiti suncobran i ležaljku na plaži.

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Place Type

public beach


Otok Hvar

Place Location

21450, Hvar


(12 reviews)
The cold breeze from the sea was relaxing and the sun was not so hot. I really enjoyed sunbathing from the beach. The beach is beautiful and clean.
It's a crowded beach but the view of the sea and beach from the restaurant is everything! Clear waters, white sandy beach and the green forest surrounding the beach; definitely a place for someone who loves nature. The food in the restaurant is top notch and the services provided are definitely worth the amount you pay. One can rent a deck chair or even a parasol at an affordable amount and you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay at this amazing beach.
Exceptional mediterranean dishes that we enjoyed when we visited the restaurant at the beach. The views of the sea are spectacular and we loved the sunbeds and chairs that were available for hire. Relaxing place that was fascinating and lots of people that enjoyed swimming with the hot temperatures.
Our view from the terrace of Mediterranean restaurant Pokonji dol will leave you breathless. Visited the place with my family and the food from the restaurant will leave you licking your fingers. A good swim from this paradise is something i'd do on a daily basis.
I enjoyed my stay at the place with great services and quality features. I enjoyed my time here as the place had fewer crowds making swimming convenient. Very good place to relax.
very good!!!
The view from the beach gives a great sight of the magnificent lighthouse on the adjacent side. I found it to be very beautiful indeed.
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