Plaža Barjoska


Plaža Barjoska nalazi se između mjestas Komiža i Dragodid na otoku Visu. Plaža je javnosti poznata po tome što se upravo ovdje snimao mjuzikl Mamma Mia II. Plaža je najlakše dostupna sa strane mora, jer je kopneni put dosta nepristupačan, pa je mjesto omiljeno među nautičarima. Plaža je sačinjena od sitnijeg kamenja, a ulaz u more je blag, plitak i povoljan. More je vrhunske kvalitete, čistoće i topline. Na plaži nema dodatnih sadržaja i objekata, pa budite sigurni da sa sobom ponesete sve što će vam biti potrebno za odmor. 



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public beach


Grad Vis

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The entrance to the sea is gentle and shallow,it is made of small white stones and pebbles. This beach provides opportunity to recreational jumpers.Although there is no natural shade on the beach,you can take shelter from the sun in the woods just above the beach. This beach has a couple of stone houses on the beach, you will not find everything, so carry everything you need for a vacation. If you decide to come here to relax and sunbathe you can find such facilities nearby , it's just a drive away.
I enjoyed boating around in the open waters and helping the locals fish. It was great learning their techniques and I had fun interacting with them. vacationing here helped me relax and I will visit again soon.
Beach Barjoska is a nice pebble beach that is easily accessible by the sea route, the land route makes it inaccessible, i really loved how the sea was clean and the water was warm, the beach has no amenities and it was also less crowded i loved it
very good!!!
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