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Veli Joze restaurant is a typical example of a real traditional Istrian tavern. It will seduce you with its pleasant, homely atmosphere and beautifully decorated ambience full of antiques and marine decorations. The restaurant's cuisine is based on seafood, offering its guests freshly caught fish and top quality seafood every day. An especially interesting dish are the innovative lasagna made of mussels, which, along with a glass of top Istrian wine, certainly justify the popularity of the restaurant.

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Ul. Sv. Križa 1, 52210, Rovinj


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We tried the innovative lasagna made of mussels as recommended by the locals and i must admit that the dish is to die for. We accompanied it with a glass of top Istrian wine and they perfectly matched with the menu. Will come back for more.
The staff were friendly, elegant, accommodative and attentive to our orders. Their services were fast, they took less than 15 minutes to serve us with the fresh fish and their top quality seafood. Best place to enjoy a meal while at Rovinj.
My wife and I loved the tasty seafood prepared in this location. One of my favorite was the freshly caught fish, it was very well prepared and spiced, we really enjoyed our meals, and also very affordable rates
The beautifully decorated ambience full of antiques and marine decorations seduced us into getting into the restaurant. The atmosphere was pleasant and homely, it was refreshing it made us feel like we are at our homes. Best spot to chill and relax.
I loved the numerous antiques and marine decorations that are present in this location. It gave me an insight to the rich Croatian culture which i really much enjoyed seeing. Wonderful setup
The rich Istrian wine labels available in this location were a top-notch experience. They had a sweet and sour taste that awakened my taste buds.
very good!!!
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