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Restaurant Barba Danilo is an example of a pleasant Istrian family restaurant, or tavern, and is located within the camp Ulika, in Rovinj. Although not much may be expected at first due to the location of the restaurant, the top service and quality of the food will immediately remove any doubts. Barba Danilo offers its guests traditional Mediterranean cuisine with modern ways of preparing food that will satisfy even the most demanding.

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Polari, 52210, Rovinj


(9 reviews)
Everything we had was excellent, the location by the pool was a perfect place for us to renew our bond as friends. The aura of the lively music was so refreshing and relaxing. Will definitely come back.
I loved the affordability of the food sold in this location. The foods were a good portion and affordable. I will be visiting again soon.
For those who love fish, this is the place to go. I had a very tasty and affordable meal prepared by amazing chefs. If you like good food and people, come visit this restaurant for yourself!
I visited the restaurant in Rovinj, Croatia and the food was great! I ordered a tasteful meal, especially prepared for me and my friend. We sat at the terrace of this restaurant and enjoyed beautiful sights of the Adriatic sea. The service was very good and everybody was very friendly and polite. I loved it! And definitely will come back to this restaurant in my next visit to Rovinj.
The traditional Mediterranean cuisine prepared in this location is very awesome. I carried some of the meal to my pregnant wife as she could not accompany me. as soon as she delivers i will have to bring her here
The food was quality with a rich taste. I will tag along my brother in my next visit.
very good!!!
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