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Blu Restaurant is located in Borika Bay in Rovinj. It is especially popular because of its romantic ambience and terrace located on the coast, providing a real sea atmosphere and an example of excellent Istrian fine gastronomy. The restaurant offers top-quality, home-made ingredients every day, which have been brought to an enviable level with modern preparation techniques. Here you can reward your palates and taste freshly caught fish and other delicacies typical of the Istrian region (black truffles, oysters, award-winning olive oils), all with top Istrian wines.

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Val de Lesso 18, 52210, Rovinj


(9 reviews)
The foods prepared in this location utilize top-notch ingredients that adds to its taste. My wife and I really loved the black truffles and oysters made here. Very delicious
The reception here was very kind and respectful, I fell in love with the presentation styles of their meals. It was an international experience that I would want to experience again. Kudos!!
The restaurant is very beautiful, i really enjoyed the view and the breeze. My fiance and I spent our romantic getaway in this location and I loved how it gave a real sea-dining experience.
very good!!!
The view of the city was great while at the restaurant , the level of service was on top notch and the served food was exceptional. I had a substantial wine selection of local wines making my dining experience worth to talk about even after leaving.Highly, recommended.
The best way to describe this restaurant is that it is a mix of a cafe, hotel, and hostel. It is in an excellent location on the waterfront and what makes it even better is that when you walk outside you have a beautiful sea view. The food here is just incredible, I was very impressed with everything they served us. I will be looking to visit this place again!
We were here for our Friday lunch, the setting truly stunning and the food was delicious. The oysters were fantastic and the red wine i had with my course meal was from a local winery and outstanding. Great value for money.
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