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Feral Restaurant is located in Kukuletovica, just five kilometers from the center of Rovinj. Feral is best known for the excellent home-made pasta of a traditional recipe that the owners of the restaurant - the Dekovic family, have been making with many efforts and love for many years and serve their guests in combinations that will satisfy everyone. Also, the restaurant offers enviable meat and fish dishes made with locally grown ingredients of the highest quality. With its original food preparation techniques and kind hosts, Feral will surely become one of the places where you will gladly return many times.

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Cocaletto 27, 52210, Rovinj


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very good!!!
I enjoyed the quality meals that were prepared with freshly sourced ingredients. will return soon with my sister.
I loved the inclusion of modernity in the design process. the use of warm colors, low lights, and glassed walls was top.notch and it really turns up the mood as you enjoy the different types of foods offered
We enjoyed our meal in a beautifully decorated restaurant located next to the sea where we had beautiful view of the sea. My kids also enjoyed their stay here as there is a children's playground. Suitable for all ages.
We ordered tagliatelle with seafood and Cevapi and i give a thumbs up for the perfectly cooked food. The Italian cuisines are a thing to die for and their services were first class. It was a fantastic experience.
The rooms in this restaurant are comfortable , air conditioned and spacious, they can accommodate upto 6 people per room. We loved it setting our eyes on the sun as it sets and its rays dazzle in the rooms in the evening. Everything worked out great.
The structural design of this place was very elegant. I loved the low hanging lights present in this location. They gave a warm and welcoming ambience and showed exactly how the food was beautiful
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