Die Daksa Insel


Die Insel Daksa ist die kleinste Insel der Elaphiten. In der Vergangenheit war sie ein Versammlungsort für Gläubige aus der Umgebung, aber auch aus fernen Ländern. Das Kloster wurde Ende des 13. Jahrhunderts erbaut, und heute sind nur noch die Ruinen erhalten. Die Franziskaner blieben dort bis zur Ankunft der napoleonischen Armee im Jahr 1806. Auf der Insel gab es auch einen einzigartigen Kreuzweg, der aus Kapellen bestand. Die Überreste der Kapellen sind noch heute zu sehen. An der Nordseite der Insel befindet sich ein Leuchtturm aus dem Jahr 1872.

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I walked through the ruins of the chapels and the monastery and the walk was adventurous with lots of sights to behold. The guide fed us with a lot of history about the Island which was a gathering place for believers from the surrounding area. It was a wonderful experience being here.
The Island of Daksa is beautiful and in my evening stroll, i went to view the chapel remains. Later on, i engaged in fishing which was a satisfying experience.
Scenic views of the landscape from the island. We visited some of the ruins and heard of the great history that the place holds. Wonderful place to be and totally worth the visit.
I enjoyed my boat ride to this Island. It was so nice. This Island's religious history is just amazing. I was able to see some of the old chapels and monastery. Now the lay in ruins but from the ruins one can see and picture their original plans.
I went to this Island with my fiance and had a wonderful time. The cool air and the beautiful views were so romantic. We loved this place.
very good!!!
my children and I did some fishing with the help of our guide and later cooked the fish we had gotten. this gave my children so much satisfaction and confidence.