Venetian Border Guard


The two-level watchtower, preserved in about 70% of its original condition, witnesses a turbulent history between Turkish and Venetian Dalmatia. Border guards are fortifications built to effectively protect the territory and its inhabitants from military invasions. The watchtowers built in the 16th century are very important strategic facilities, and are located along the border in an elevated and safe place from where the guards could freely observe the surroundings. While Turkey is occupying stronger Old Croatian fortifications deeper in their part of the territory, the Venetian Republic is building a series of buildings along the entire land border, along the border line. The border, which passed through the middle of Lake Vrana until 1699, was controlled by Venetian military detachments. One army had about 80 men between the ages of 18 and 36, capable of using weapons, who were paid for the guard service in cash or in a biscuit (dry bread). The watchtowers also served as customs offices for the exchange of goods and mail, where officers worked on documentation for the import and export of goods, also collecting customs duties on imported goods. They regulated trade, taking care that goods and cattle brought from the east were not infected with deadly diseases that were very common at the time, such as the plague, for example.

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Vransko Lake

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Lake Vrana (Dalmatia)


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