Stanici Beach


Stanici Beach is located in the village of the same name not far from the town of Omis. The beach is especially known to the public for its incredibly clear sea and sandy bottom that is almost reminiscent of the Caribbean. You descend to the beach from the main road, and it is easily accessible on foot and by car. The coast of the beach is pebbly, and the entrance to the sea is gentle, shallow and suitable for all ages. The beach is surrounded by a small grove that will provide shelter from the strong sun. Although there are no additional facilities and facilities on the beach, you will not miss the activities - bring luftica, a diving mask and enjoy the charms of the Adriatic Sea! If you decide to look for refreshment in a restaurant or cafe bar, you will find everything you need nearby.

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The beach is especially known by the public from its incredibly clear sea and sandy bottom that is almost reminiscent of the Caribbean. I had visited the beach for one day but I was sad since I didn't end up exhausting all the activities that were there.
This beach has a clear sea and it is sandy , the beach is easily accessible. The coast of this beach is pebbly and its entrance is gentle . There is natural shade from the sun, the beach also offers recreational activities.Nearby there is everything you need if you are looking for refreshments.
I went deep sea diving in this majestic location and I loved the serenity and tranquility of the underwater world, except for the occasional crashing of waves. It was great to explore the different forms of life here and I will return soon.
very good!!!
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