Source of the River Una


Visit one of the most beautiful karst springs, which, fortunately, has not left any cave diver breathless, so we can enjoy their many fantastic photos! At its source, the Una River has created a fairytale lake of blue and green, surrounded by forests and steep cliffs. This lake is the deepest karst spring in Croatia and one of the five deepest karst springs in the world. Due to its stunning beauty and exceptional hydromorphological value, the lake, together with the canyon and 150 meters downstream, was declared a protected hydrological monument of nature in 1968.

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Donja Suvaja

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23445, Donja Suvaja, Croatia


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very good!!!
The trip to the place was enjoyable and we had a chance for going on a bike riding cruise that was enjoyable. We visited the mountainous area while cycling and the activity was involving and refreshing at the place. It was an adventurous experience as i enjoyed the nature and what it offers, the fresh breeze and shed and the diverse dense green flora which is beautiful. The view of the landscape from the sources of River Una are extremely beautiful and eye catching. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves on the river as we went swimming and cliff jumping and had the chance of taking some beautiful pictures for the Gram.
I took my history students for a tour and they were excited to learn of a fairytale of lake blue and green. They were fascinated by the magnificent view of the spring of the river. They were also thrilled by the beautiful sceneries especially the green vegetation and springs. The students had super fun hiking on the beautiful mountainous forest. Personally, what i loved most were the sights of the sleeping cliffs.
My family and I had an amazing moment kayaking on this river. The experience was nice. The river has a lot of features: rapids, cataracts and waterfalls along its course. The dense vegetation near its banks was a wonderful site, just like taking a nature walk. We really made memories at this place.
Swimming through these cool waters, with scenearies of pulpating springs, lucious green vegetation, and sleeping cliffs was a sight to be hold. I loved my entire experience
The power of nature is unimaginable and our visit to the source of the river Una was theraputic. We enjoyed some of the best views that nature can offer with the intense flora that the forest has and the beautiful springs that lead to the blue and green turquoise lakes. We had a thrilling experience when we went cave diving and took some beautiful photos of the place and of ourselves and they were splendid.
The cool waters offered a great spot for swimming. The sounds of the springs and the waterfalls were so relaxing.I was amazed by the stunning beauty surrounding the lake especially the steep cliffs and forest. My friends and i turned the location to a photoshoot site. It was such an incredible experience.
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