Regional Park Mura-Drava


The Mura and Drava rivers are areas of exceptional natural value at the regional, national and European level. These river flows form an entire area which, except for the territory of the Republic of Croatia, extends as a transboundary river ecological system in neighboring countries and in the upstream and downstream countries on the left. Within the borders of the Republic of Croatia is the central part of this river system. The particularly strong connection of people and the river has led to the establishment of a special way of life along the river in this area with numerous recreational and traditional activities. Mura and Drava represent the natural support and cultural identity of the area that stretches through five counties of the Republic of Croatia.
In the area from the slopes of Bilogora to the river Drava, there are many natural attractions. The first stop is the Drava River, which we call the "European Amazon". The Drava River offers numerous activities: fishing, bird watching, canoeing on the tourist canoe trail "Drava tour adventure", a tourist boat ride, lunch on the Drava or simply enjoying all the charms it offers.

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