Halasz Csarda


Halasz Csarda is one of the most popular excursion places in Podravina, and is located in the municipality of Legrad, on the river Drava, or near the mouth of the river Mura in Drava. Various local associations have invested a lot of will and effort in recent years in the renovation and reconstruction of this place, so today there is a small park for children, barbecue areas, benches and tables, and a volleyball court. On the beach there is also a facility where associations and locals often hold various events, celebrations and more. An interesting event is the traditional ferry crossing over the river to nearby Hungary, which is held by the inhabitants of Legrad twice a year. The easiest way to reach Halasz Csarda is by car or bicycle, and a well-maintained bike path - Drava Route - will take you directly to the beach.


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I was awed by the array of activities in this area, My family and I engaged in volleyball games, barbecue sessions, and football. It was a great bonding experience with the family and we enjoyed our family vacation.
This is a great excursion place where if you are lucky to visit when the inhabitants hold a traditional ferry crossing over the river to nearby Hungary which is held twice a year. There is also a volleyball court to pass time and a well maintained bike path which will take you directly to the beach.
If you are looking for a short trip to take your children then this is the right place. My children enjoyed cycling to the beach and the children park. There are barbecue areas , benches and tables to relax and if you enjoy playing volleyball there is a volleyball court . The beach provides facilities to hold events or any occasion.
very good!!!
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