Old Town of Djurdjevac


The Old Town Fortress is a unique medieval fortress and as such is the most important part of the cultural heritage of Djurdjevac. It was once surrounded by a swamp, which was also its natural form of protection and belongs to the fort of the wasserburg type. Construction began in the 14th century and was later upgraded as needed. Additional protection was provided by the ramparts, creating an outer courtyard, the remains of which are still visible today.
The fort was of great importance in the mid-16th century at the time of the Ottoman invasion.
The legend speaks of the long siege of the strong Ottoman army of Ulama-beg and his intention to force the people of Djurdjevac, detained in the Old Town, to surrender to hunger. Legend has it that the defenders of Djurdjevac outwitted him because of the advice of an old woman, they fired a cannon into the Turkish camp with the last of the food, a rooster - 'picok'. Due to that illusion of abundance, Ulama-beg gave up the siege and left the battlefield, and he left the name Picok to the people of Djurdjevac to this day (as his curse).

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very good!!!
Walking in the streets of this town was nice. I had an excellent time seeing the old structures.
Looking at the great old buildings in town was classical. I appreciate how the old town has been keept clean and preserved.
Built in the middle of a swamp, Its ancient gothic style was captivating. Its museum has a wide collection of historical artefacts
The gothic-renaissance architecture is what caught my eye about this location. I loved walking through the magnificent rooms that have been preserved from ancient period
It was amazing to visit the old town of Djurdjevac. I enjoyed private and walking tours in the town. A good town.
We enjoyed the foods and wine, shopping in the city center and we were also able to visit a zoo in the town. What a wonderful experience
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