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South of Djurdjevac, on the northern slope of Bilogora, along the Barna stream, is the village of Chepelovac with the country house of the Trezich family. According to oral tradition, the building was built according to the idea of ​​the knight Petar von Trezich, who received the title and property for his services in the battle of Solferino in 1859. Today, the building is owned by the Jelushich-Kranzhelich family.
The castle was built between 1862 and 1867 as a ground-floor residential and commercial complex with base L with an inner courtyard, a high gabled roof and a separate defensive tower with architectural elements.
Barnagor has become a gathering place for many artists and nature lovers, and in addition to themed salons, it has gallery spaces and the ARS Studio Barnagor. It is a dynamic gallery and there is creative activity throughout the year. A special attraction is an area around the courtyard, the wooden forest stairs next to the ‘Theater in the Forest’ and the Rooster Park.
The property is always "alive" and something is happening. From exhibitions and promotion of art photographs, photo safaris, through ceramics workshops, promotion of books and ethno music, to the possibility of organizing seminars and eco-tourism.

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Lukove 12, Čepelovac, Đurđevac


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