Mali sveti Andeo


Mali sveti Andeo, or popularly called the Istrian Stonehenge, is the oldest and best preserved site of pre-ancient peoples in the whole of Istria, and is located not far from Porec on the hill Mordele. Dating between 2000 and 1000 BC, it is the only megalithic circle of its kind found on Croatian soil. It is assumed that this could actually be the first sacral site in the country. What makes this place special are the so-called mehabloks ordered in the ¾ circle. Interestingly, they are not arranged on the north side, which indicates the fact that this architecture is associated with astronomy and the Sun, or the rising and setting of celestial bodies.


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very good!!!
The megaliths on top of the hill form a circle, i sat and meditated for ten minutes and the experience was phenomenal, i was uplifted spiritually, i will be visiting oftenly to open up my mind every once a year
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