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Maestral Beach is a beautiful crescent-shaped Novigrad beach located at the foot of the hotel of the same name. The beach is very well equipped, so you can rent straw umbrellas and deck chairs here, and during the summer months, a massage service is available in a more intimate setting. Not far from the beach there is Punto Mare with a tidal beach which is a fun attraction for children. Also, you will find as many as 17 tennis courts nearby, and there are also football, basketball and handball courts. The entrance to the sea is also adapted for people with disabilities.

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A beautiful place to visit if you want to just rest and relax and forget the city for a while. The beach is located near the Novigrad hotel and has several amenities and even equipment to make the visit to the beach fun and worth it. There are several activities one can partake in, which further adds to the beauty of the visit. Worth visiting every summer.
An awesome spot if you want need rest if you need time away from the city madness. The beach is situated close to the Novigrad hotel and has a number of facilities and equipment . There are several activities that you can engage in, further adding to enjoying one's visit especially during Summer
An easily accessible beach with moderate crowds and a dense forest that provide shade from the summer heat and sun. The hotel complex nearby offers refreshment additional facilities for anyone visiting this sandy beach. The center of Brela os close so you can just go sightseeing.
After a swim at the beautiful crystal clear sea we decided to visit the most popular landmark in Brela called the famous Brela stone. It is a small island with pine trees perfect for an afternoon visit.
I was able to rent a straw umbrella and a deck chair and basked on the crescent shaped beach, after this i then went for a massage and relaxed my body. The beach was so caring it also had a place for people with disabilities, there are also tennis courts, basketball and handball courts. I played a few tennis rounds with the people there. it was a fun interaction
very good!!!
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