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In the center of Novigrad, surrounded by the high walls of the old town, this spacious beach is synonymous with fun in the sun. To get to this unique beach, you only need a short walk through the city center.

The beach is spacious, with a paved surface and is ideal for sunbathing.

It is also a perfect choice for young tourists and families, as they will find a large selection of restaurants and bars nearby.

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public beach

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(6 reviews)
If was fun hanging out with my friends in this beach, we had a lot of fun activities under the sun. The paved surface of the beach made it possible for us to sunbathe . Unforgettable beach experience .
My girlfriends enjoyed sunbathing on the paved surface along the beach. We saw very many young couples and it was evident this is a perfect spot for young couples. The beach has a large selection of restaurants and bars nearby to choose from.
It was a perfect weekend getaway as a young couple. We had a large selection of restaurants and bars in the bay where we enjoyed our meals and refreshments. Services of high quality were offered and the environment was super clean.
We took evening walks on our visit to the paved beach with my friends and had the best experience. Had some photos for the remarkable experience and also enjoyed the sun at the beach. The restaurant selection was phenomenal with lovely one that had exquisite services and meals with drinks too.
The beach is surrounded by high walls of the Old Town. It is great for sunbathing because of the paved surface. There are restaurants and bars around here so definitely one will enjoy a beautiful meal and a great view.
very good!!!
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