The Church of Saint Anthony


The Church of St. Anthony is lovely in its simplicity: you won’t find any ornate decor here. Instead, it has the clean look of a one-nave building from the Gothic age, adorned with a single rosette. It was restored in the 17th century and slightly expanded in the 19th century, when two side windows were added to it.


Its bell tower contains two bells and there are six stairs in front of the main entrance. As you go in, you will find that the interior of the church is a little more elaborate than its exterior, with two sets of pillars, one on each side, leading to the altar. It is not short on its own sacred art, either, with the statue of St. Anthony of Padova and the painting of the Madonna being the most prominent examples.


This modest and quiet church is one of the many medieval rural churches of the area that have survived into the 21st century and worth a visit during your tour of Novigrad.

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