Lucice Bay


Lucice Bay is a favorite bay among those who sail around this part of the island of Brach. The bay has five ends where you can always find shelter from the wind. Apart from those who sail, the bay is also interesting to divers because of the cave in the western part of the bay. pine forests, the sea in Luchice has an excellent crystal color that simply invites visitors to swim.You can find accommodation in many nearby summer houses and apartments.Nearby there are restaurants offering Dalmatian specialties and a rich selection of fresh fish stored in palate- enchanting ways.

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I love sailing and the opportunities that come with this. The crystal sea is perfect for diving and swimming. After a good lunch comprising of fresh fish from the nearby restaurants a good rest at the nearby summer houses is relaxing.
It is not a crowded beach but there are lots of boats because sailors love coming to this place. There are five different ends in this bay where you can get shelter from the wind. the sea is blue and breathtaking and you can swim in the cool waters. there are summer houses if you are staying for a period of time and of course the restaurants which offer different exotic delicacies that you wouldn't want to miss out on.
I learned about the bay from an amazing guide which helped me to pack for my diving gears. Everything was just as the guide stated, the rocky sea bottom was very hard dive at but because of the clear seas i could see everything. I made so egg unforgettable moments here.
We had a taste of the Dalmatian specialties and a rich selection of fresh well prepared fish at the restaurant that we visited and it was delicious. The pine tree at the beach offered a great natural shed while we were relaxing at the beach and we enjoyed swimming and diving at the turquoise sea. Excellent accommodations that were lovely.
My friends and I went on a boat ride and we sailed at the bay where we later camped for the night after a long day. With the help of our amazing tour guide we were able to get through the night and helped us with the necessities like tents and blankets. Very thoughtful.
very good!!!
Beautiful bay with stunning views of the sea from the restaurant. I loved the boat ride across the bay and it was amazing.
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