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The so-called Cape Bijaka with a beach is located in the tourist attractive place of Mlini on the island of Brač not far from the center (near the main marina). It is actually a promenade that has a couple of descents on the shore where you can access the sea. Mostly local people bathe here looking for quick refreshments. It is not a beach in all respects, but it is certainly a great place for recreation and walking, especially in the evening.

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This beach is like a promenade with descents on the shore that provide access to the sea. This place is ideal for relaxing by the sea. I enjoyed recreational activities here and the evening walks are just splendid, would recommend a visit here.
I enjoyed walking along the beautiful promenade while talking in the beauty of the waters, I also loved interacting with the locals who frequented the area and I got learn a few things about their way of life, It was a revitalizing experience for me
My wife and i enjoyed the evening walks at the beach as we take in the beautiful coastline. This is a great place for swimming and running due to the couple of descents on the shore.
very good!!!
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