Lipa Remembers Memorial Center


Located just 14 km south of Opatija, there is the Lipa Remembers Memorial Center, a collection of culture and monuments dedicated to the victims of the World War II Nazi massacre. Virtually the entire village was wiped out on April 30, 1944, while the Nazis tried to wipe out the partisans in the area. The village was rebuilt in the decades after the war, and the place now pays homage to the lost lives and centuries of culture that came before that dark day.

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Lipa 35, 51214, Šapjane


(6 reviews)
very good!!!
Learning history of how Lipa Inhabitants were mercilessly massacered was a dreadful yet an eye-opening experience. Through the various artefacts, I got to learn how the residents dealt with this situation.
l visited the museum and it was stunning with great history of the world war and i enjoyed the tour with sight of the ethnographic exhibits.
Lipa remembers is an amazing place to remember what happened in the holocaust. I looked at many pictures of people who were survivors and died in the tragic holocaust. I saw different buildings, two of which were the gas chamber and a building where the dead were buried.
The memorial center has stunning presentation, the tribute was well executed and the history about the tragic incident well explained. I was speechless
The excellent curator was awesome and helpful in guiding us through the tour and the pictures of the suffering of lipa.
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