Castle with the Church of the Holy Trinity


The small church of the Holy Trinity from the 15th century was built in the very center of the town of Kastav, on its central town square called Lokvina (its name originates because it is here that rainwater was collected for the town throughout history). Today, the church has taken over the function of an exhibition space.

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very good!!!
I was amazed with the unique architectural style used in the constrction of the castle
It was fascinating looking at the castle within the church of the holy trinity. The structures are beautiful and gorgeous.
Beautiful articheture in a peaceful environment. It was my healing place, most recommendable for couples
We enjoyed the castle with the church of the Holy Trinity... it is my favorite destination. We'd recommend visiting later in the day than we did so that you can experience the full effect of the towers and great hall outside in natural light. Our guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the history of this location, and we had a wonderful time.
The rich historical stories of the site is interesting and the architectural structure of the building is beautiful. I enjoyed the quite and peaceful tour around the castle and it was amazing.
The castle looks spectacular. If only we could continue building such structures in our modern world. I couldn't help buy wonder as I gazed at it.
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