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Due to the turbulent past, from the sixth to the ninth century Kastav was surrounded by massive stone walls that were connected with a total of nine high towers. Unfortunately, over the centuries, several were destroyed, so today a total of six are preserved, the most famous and most popular for visiting the Zhudika tower, where, according to oral tradition, verdicts were once pronounced, but also the burning of witches. From Zhudika there is a beautiful panoramic view of the whole of Kastav.

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very good!!!
We were able to view the beautiful Kastav and learnt a lot about the walls that were put up for security purposes.
I loved the massive, tall, and strong walls that offer ultimate protection to the people of the city. I learnt of the materials and how construction of these walls was done in the old days.
The walls are very colourful and wonderfully built. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed spending our anniversary here.
Our tour to Kastav was great. We were thrilled by the city walls.The city walls are important in setting up tents during celebrations and festivals.
We visited many cities during our vacation. We fell in love with city wells and all the attractions there. City wells is a small town but the ambiance of the place was very inviting and promising. We dint expect that waiting for us there would be so many pleasant surprises
The great history of the place is interesting and the historic site dates back in time with marvelous features and awesome panoramic view of the landscape.
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