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Near Novigrad is the beautiful beach Kastanija. The beach has concrete sections that are great for sunbathing, and otherwise it is naturally made of rocks. Behind the beach there is a forest that provides natural shade, so this is a great place to spend a hot summer day. Not far from this beach is the beach Karpinjan.

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Spending my summer vacation in this beautiful location was a great idea. I loved basking in the sun on the rocky beach. I also spent most of my evenings strolling around the beach and watching the beautiful sunset. It was a great solo trip.
This rocky beach has concrete sections that are great for sunbathing, the forest nearby provide shade for anyone wnating to rest and take a break from the summer heat and swimming. It is best you carry refreshments for yourself as you spend a day here. I would visit again just to swim in the sea and sun bathe.
Kastanija is a beach that has formed where the land's beauty and nature met the sea. The lush green vegetation behind the beach makes it just a perfect place to enjoy sundowner. There are numerous restaurants and cafes of which you can buy whateverer you so please.
very good!!!
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