Karkavac Beach, island of scedro


The bay of Veli Porat consists of several tributaries - the Raka tributary, then Srida and Karkavac, and finally Lovishche.

When you are in Srida, Karkavac and Lovishche you can enjoy top restaurants that offer traditional. local Dalmatian specialties, fresh fish and homemade olive oil.
The bays of Mostir and Veli Porat are known among boaters as safe anchorages during the south, because their shape offers a peaceful shelter from the weather.

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public beach


Island of Hvar

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21450, Hvar


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The boat for rentals were among the things that we got involved with on our visit at the beach. We went for a boat cruise on sea and enjoyed the views an the tour was amazing with the guide having music on board and some drinks too that we enjoyed with my friends.
The hot summer was something that we enjoyed with my friends as we went swimming at the crystal clear sea and it was fun with the cold water. amazing people at the beach and it was lovely to meet new people at the beach and enjoy the great place.
Among the best thing that i can remember on my visit to the beach is the visit to the restaurant. The restaurants offered traditional dishes and the local Dalmatian specialties among them a fresh well prepared fish and homemade olive oil. The drinks too were among the best that were available.
very good!!!
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