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Valva beach is located near Zavala, Jelsa on the island of Hvar near the center. The beach is somewhat hidden and surrounded by rocks that descend the entire coastal parts directly into the sea. But the beach itself is pebbled with small stones. The seabed is also covered with small pebbles and the entrance is gentle and convenient. You can look for shade in the shade of one of the nearby tall pine trees that surround the beach and the whole part of the bay. The beach is a favorite among people who love peace and quiet but also recreation. We recommend that you take a diving mask and explore the beauties of the underwater world! There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to pack everything you need for your vacation. If you still decide to find  refreshment in one of the restaurants or cafes, don't worry, the center of Zavala is close!


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Exploring the beauties of the underwater was the peak of my experience. My sister and I went on a diving spree in this beautiful location and explored the different varieties of fish and sea vegetation. I will visit again soon with my fiancee.
This pebble covered beach is surrounded by tall pine trees that offer a spledid shade from the summer heat. I enjoyed how peaceful and quiet it is, and would recommend to anyone looking to escape the noise of the city, diving and exploring the beauties of the underwater world is the cherry on top. Pack everything you need for the visit, there are no additional facilities. You can get refreshments from the nearcby center of Zavala.
My sisters and I took a swim and explored the underwaer world afterwards took a walk to Zavala town where we take a boat trip to a pearl-islet with the history of monastery life. We also had a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of panoramic flight.
very good!!!
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