Kantrida Beach


This is one of Rijeka's beautiful beaches where you are free to take your pet because they are more than welcome here, meaning pet friendly. On the western part of the beach there is a shower with a rubber hose for washing your dogs, and the owners are obliged to take the dog on a leash and clean up after the pets. Access to the beach is possible by car or public transport, and parking is free. On the beach there is also a restaurant that offers fresh food, as well as a cafe where you can have a good coffee. The pebble beach is also suitable for children, but there are plenty of pebbles, so if you are not used to walking on them, don't forget to bring slippers.

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public beach



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Pulska ul., 51000, Rijeka


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There is no denying that the beach at Kantrida is stunning, However judging by the number of people shoehorned into the sand, you'd be forgiven to think the pandemic was well & truly over. Lots of big groups of people. It is a lovely sandy beach with pebbles & the sea in crystal clear but it’s probably worth visiting either early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds, particularly in the current climate. It is perfect for pet like dogs and cat walk.
My family and I could not resist the fact that this beach was pet friendly. We had to go visit this beach with ours and our beautiful dog. We were very careful to clean up after her and were able to enjoy the beach with our kids playing around.The fact that there was a shower with a rubber hose was also fascinating since we washed her there after the long day on the sand. The restaurants offered fresh and delicious food which we enjoyed.
This is a public beach with complete amenities and fresh water to shower. I give it a five star review for the fact that it had different types of fish plus I enjoyed swimming.
very good!!!
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