Kanova Beach


In the vicinity of Umag find the beach Kanova, located not far from Karigador. Its rocky coasts are surrounded by the extremely clean sea, so it has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag. Choose your place on the southern part of the cove, where numerous naturists have found their paradise.
If you are a couple who likes an active vacation, stay in the popular camp CampingIN Park Umag and enjoy many sports activities on the Kanova Beach.

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(4 reviews)
It was an incredible experience. It clearly stands out as a very amazing beach with its clear clean water. And I still love it. I hope anyone who visits the beach has a similar or even better experience.
My friends and I went here for camping last holiday and were so amazed by the extremely clean sea. We were able to collect cowry shells from the beach.
One of the cleanest beaches I've been. And well! A great camping experience while enjoying volleyball with friends and families. The current best place leading hosting holiday for couples and loved ones.
very good!!!
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