Savudrija Lighthouse


Savudrija Lighthouse is the oldest active lighthouse in the entire Adriatic, and also the northernmost Croatian lighthouse on the northwestern cape of the Istrian peninsula, almost 36 meters high. This was the first lighthouse in the world to receive light from coal distillation. The sea and the beach are located about 30 meters away from this unique place.

The moderate winds and mild sea currents that are characteristic of this place are great for adventurous water sports such as windsurfing, and the clear blue sea with a clear rocky bottom provides a beautiful sight for diving enthusiasts. According to an ancient legend, the lighthouse Savudrija was built by Count Meternich in the 19th century for a beautiful Croatian noble woman he fell in love with. Unfortunately, the building they planned to live in together never saw its owners living in it. A noble woman died during the last days of the completion of the lighthouse, and the Austrian count never visited him again. Today, you can enjoy this magnificent place first hand, booking your accommodation right in this decorated, romantic lighthouse!

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