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Arriving in Porech, the then Parentium, Bishop Euphrasius could not reconcile himself with the modesty of the existing church or with the lethargy of a small provincial town. Inspired by Byzantine art, Euphrasius decided to build a basilica to remember him. It was built on the remains of an earlier Trinity basilica, in the first half of the 6th century. Today, the Euphrasian Basilica is definitely the most valuable cultural monument in Porec, a world heritage site and one of the best untouched examples of Byzantine art in Europe, and is also under UNESCO protection. The greatest treasure of the Euphrasian Basilica are the magnificent mosaics that adorn the head of the apse. Fine art made fifteen centuries ago from multicolored stones still does not lose its shine and freshness. You can visit the interior of the Basilica daily. The complex is open every day except Sunday and the commanding church holiday. Climb the bell tower of the Basilica, which offers a magnificent view of Porec and its surroundings.

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very good!!!
The tour guide informed us that this was the most valuable monument around, we had to come see for ourselves and indeed it is very well taken care of, the beautiful mosaics and monuments and the fine art are still shiny, we were amazed
My wife was thrilled and overwhelmed by the best designed christian complexes. The complexes were extraordinary with their impressive nature. Masterclass
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