Church of St. Nicolas


Church of St. Nicolas is located on one of the Trpanj hills, which offers a beautiful view of the whole village, the coast and the island of Hvar. The church was built by the sailor Klement Cvitanović in 1840 as a vow. It is written on the church fence "covered by white waves, he was freed from death". Inside there is an altar with a picture of St. Nicholas and St. Liborius of Le Mans. It is connected by stairs to the highest hill, on which the church of St. Rocco.

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20240, Trpanj


(8 reviews)
very good!!!
Beautiful architectural building of the church and the lovely sight of the interior is fabulous. We enjoyed our tour at the church and took several photos of the place.
This church was magnificent. I was perpexed by its beauty. Riding a bicycle around this church was amazing
The sacred inscriptions on the church explain how and why the church was built. I got to learn the Croatian language during the translation process.
I was really elated by the paintings of the church. They were uniformly painted to bring the best design. Wonderful church.
I was shocked to see the view of the interior of the church. it was so vast and colorful and the windows had fine art on them.
I loved the simplistic exterior style used in the exterior of this building. It made the church stand out while mantaining a simple look.
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